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A Natural Connection: How Trees Personify Humans

One of our lead organizers, Kye, writes blogs for Sunshine Coast Health Centre. This week, his newest blog dives into the similarities between humans and trees.

“As we lay beneath the canopy of this towering marvel, I began to think about the forces this mighty tree must endure to stay upright. Even on a mild and windless day such as this, its structure must be in a constant fight against exterior forces and the relentless pull of gravity. But, what about the powerful and inescapable winter storms that it must endure? What a strong and resolute marvel you are Mr. Douglas. As I sat and pondered, I began to see distinct parallels between this 200 ft beauty and our small group assembled beneath its mighty bows.”

Click the link below to read the full blog:

Check back soon for more blogs from Kye and other writers on the benefits of exercise, sport, and recreation for addiction recovery.

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